Monday, June 3, 2013

The New Meat Market

Online dating has become something of a metropolis. Although I met my ex-husband online, it’s nothing like it was eleven years ago. Or, maybe it is, only more common.

I’m not sure if people know how to socialize the way we once did. It’s ridiculous, really. We all sit in front of our screens, have a little bit of interaction with each other via text or social networking, and then don’t need to actually see each other. Why would we? Everyone already knows everything, so there’s nothing left to talk about.

I’m not a bar person; never have been. Going out for an occasional drink, or to see a live band is fun, but making it a nightly or even a weekly outing just isn’t for me. I would rather do other things. Oh, and I have kids to take care of. Despite the craziness they cause, I still love to spend time with them and I’ve never been one to find a sitter much.

These men, what can I say!? Maybe I’ve become a little sheltered, but I really don’t want to see a picture of your penis, especially if I haven’t even met you!! Just stop it.

I think because I’ve become acutely cognizant of the people I encounter, it’s easier to weed out the bad eggs. This method certainly offers a wider variety of men than traditional dating, but the downfall is, most of them are just looking for sex. And, it’s not just men who are looking for sex, so when the code words “movie and cuddle” aren’t reciprocated, they just find someone who will.

Being picky isn’t a bad thing; quality over quantity, in all facets of life! Like buying a home or a car, a relationship is something I want to last, so why settle on something I know won’t. I can take care of my kids and myself, so I’ll be single until I meet a man who deserves me.

Wisdom is a beautiful thing!

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